Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaye He

That's what I felt when Anna broke the fast. Yes, this is the victory for the power of the Mind of the people, power of the Jana Gana Mana. And yes, I do accept that the most supreme is the this power, this power of the people. The constitution, the parliament all come later. So when this people's power demand for something then there's no other way than to accept that, implement that. Very aptly Anna said today after breaking the fast that this victory is for the people of India. It's unjust to say that the parliament or anything else is the supreme. Tagore had pointed it out long time back that the victory is always to the Jana Gana Mana. We've been chanting this for so long but how did we forget this? How did our politicians forget this that nothing is above the people of India?

Thanks Anna to remind us all that the supreme power of the country is with the people. If people say something better listen to it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arundhati is back again with what she does best: WRITE SHIT

Arundhati Roy's article:

This is what happens when an engineer tries to be a doctor and a writer writes to be an activist. She is really the Goddess of all small things, I mean all meanness. She can sleep with the Naxal (who have killed more innocents than perhaps the police), and can openly support the Kashmiri separatist movement (that has created the second largest displaced community of the world - the Kashmiri Pandits), and now she speaks like Manish Tiwari about Anna. Does she mean that she is more intelligent than so many intellectuals who are supporting this movement? I don't think so. She has the right to voice her thoughts, but she can't demean someone, or someone else's thoughts. That shows how mean she is.

Have you ever heard her saying anything about the Sikh riots of 84 that had killed more Sikhs than Muslims killed in Gujarat riots in 2002. No, she never writes. Did she ever write about the Kashmiri Pandits? Did she ever write about the Bhopal Gas tragedy which has been the biggest genocide in India till date - that was something like the concentration camp and still she is quiet. Why? She finds it interesting only when it augers her agenda, I don't know what. She is just a media hungry hypocrite who shouldn't be taken seriously at all.

And what the fuss about using Vande Mataram? Arundhati Roy writes in English. But she could have been a little more aware of Indian languages. I'm not expecting her to be an authority in Sanskrit (thanks God, at least she doesn't shit in that language), but still she should have referred to any Sanskrit dictionary to find the meaning of vandana.

Let me quote from the Monier Williams' Sanskrit to English dictionary. The word vandana comes from the root vad, which means to speak, to utter, to praise etc. And vandana also means praise, other then just worship. Sanskrit is a very metaphoric language and one word has multiple meanings. Vande Mataram doesn't mean only to worship the motherland, it also means to praise the motherland, to speak of the motherland. What's the wrong in that. Is any religion of the world against praising his or her motherland. If yes, I do condemn that religion, and those thoughts.

But I still maintain, she is a good writer!!

BTW, our movement is to fight corruption, and everything that she has mentioned is a fruit of some corruption. We're fighting with ourselves too, because the root of corruption is within me. Whenever I don't want to take a bill to avoid the sales tax, I'm being corrupt. Everytime I ask my CA to find ways to evase tax, I'm being corrupt. Everytime I jump a signal I'm being corrupt. Every time I use office resources for my personal use (even taking printout of fligth tickets) I'm being corrupt. We're fighting against all these. Once we're free from corruption only then we can change the world. And what's the problem in doing that? If Arundhati doesn't want to be the Anna, thanks. Let her sleep with the Naxals and the Kashmiri terrorists!! We don't need her in our movement.

Friday, August 19, 2011

From Freedom Park

by Tapas Datta
Founder & Managing Partner,
OneWithoutA Second Films LLP Company,

I just came back from the Freedom Park in Bangalore today after sharing a few hours with the people fasting in support of Anna Hazare. The old patriotic songs were playing - among them the songs of Nazrul, songs of INA (Netaji's) and you would be surprised - of Charan kabi Mukundadas who raised the fire amongst Bengal Independence fighters. Although many people didnt understand the Bengali words - they were shedding tears ! Great things never die, I suppose.

Thank You Congress!!

This may sound ridiculous that at this point of time I'm thanking the very party that's at the center of all the storm, or in the words of Manish Tiwari, steeped in corruption from head to toe (he had used this for Anna though).

Well, that's the irony. There's a concept of Srishti-Sthiti-Laya in Hinduism. We believe that to create something you have to first destroy something else. That's what we've learnt in our basic physics too - conservation of energy. You can't create new energy, but only transform one to another form, kinetic energy gets converted to potential and vice versa. Congress has proved the natural law in a very interesting way. Lot of potential energy was stored within 1.2 billion people. But somehow that untapped energy was not getting converted into kinetic form to move things. India is a massive country of billion plus people and trillion plus bucks. It needs serious kinetic energy to move and lo, Congress has enabled this conversion of potential energy (in the form of angst, frustration, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, oppression, inflation bla bla bla) to a fission and fusion of kinetic energy that's now moving, rather shaking, the whole country!!

Thank you Congress and all the thugs (do you have anything else) in your party to arouse a country that had slept for thirty plus years saying 'chalta hai'. Thanks to you for making Anna a household name from Jaipur to Jhumritalaiya, from Calcutta and Cuttack to Cochin, from Guwahati to Gandhinagar, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari; thanks to you for making all of us realize that India is still ruled not by you but the Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka; thanks to you for making us realize that we're stronger than you; thanks to you for making us believe in ourselves; thanks to you for making us believe that no matter how bad you can be, we would be still good; thanks to you!!

BTW, last time too, it was you who had aroused us - in the 70s, under JP!! Great. Keep doing the good work and arouse our country every after 40 years!!