Friday, December 21, 2007

Sunset in Muzhappilangad Drive-in-beach, Kerala

All technical details about Muzhappilangad beach can be obtained from wikipedia!!
Let me not go into those details.

Let me share some interesting thigs about this place we visited in December 2007. We left from Bangalore on a Tempo Traveller (which looks very much like it's namesake from Mercedes-Benz, but I assume, with my limited knowledge on automobiles, that there should be some serious differences between the two) close to midnight and reached Calicut, now officially known as Kozhikode (I really sympathize with the Britishers' who changed the original name to Calicut and thus relieving us for more than a century from tongue-acrobatics) by the next morning. Our final destination was a place called Muzhappilangad, some 60KM north of Calicut, and very close to the nearest town Talichery.

Muzhappilangad is supposedly the longest Drive-in-beach in India. I'm not sure about the claim(because I don't think there's anyone who has enough time to go around each and every drive-in beach with a measuring tape, neither Survey of India would find it something worth to record in their books). But undoubtedly this was something that I hadn't seen in the past. The beach is a few KMs long and have almost a very straight stretch which is better and wider than most good roads in India. The first thing that struck me was that, this is perhaps the only beach in world where the chance of drowing is remotely less than that of being hit by a car or bike speeding at 120kmph because by sunset the entire stretch turns into a racing track for all kinds of vehicles ranging from a three wheelers to posh cars. We also tried our luck with our Tempo Traveller. I'd taken a resolution to come back to this place with my Tavera sometime and do a speed-test.

I think Vijay Mallya should have a look at this place and promote an indigenous form of F1 racing!!

This beach also gives a pretty cool view of sunset on the Arabian Sea. Most west coast lines in India have a dominance of green & blue. The greenery of the coconut trees along the beaches or the lush green Western Ghats and the blue of the sky and water make a very simplistic combination of a fabulous artistry. This beach is also not deprived of this.

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