Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BMTC Volvo Buses to New Bangalore International Airport

The New Bangalore International Airport is starting its operation from 00:01 hrs on 23rd May, 2008. Lots have been written and discussed and debated about this airport over the past many months. People have protested against the closure of the old airport, which is very well within the city limits, without proper transportation to the new airport, which is 40KM away from the city center. But finally the reality is that the old airport is getting closed and we all have to travel to the new airport using whatever resources are available.

Frankly speaking, after seeing the Vayu Vajra (Volvo Buses from BMTC) plying on the Outer Ring Road almost everytime I've been passing by in the past few days, I don't think the transportation to the new airport is that much a problem that everyone is thinking. You get Volvo buses every 10-15 mins round the clock on 7 routes across the city. People who have already used the existing Volvo buses on Bangalore roads would know how convenient and comfortable they are.

Below are some useful information about the Vayu Vajra Volvo services.
These are the 7 routes along which the Volvo buses are operating for the new airport. (Click on the pictures for larger views)

The exact map of the 7 routes

The bus fare for each route

The route to the new airport

The Parking Lot of the New Airport

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