Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home They Brought 'Our' Warrior Dead!!

I'm not someone special who spent the most of the past 3 days watching the TV more than ever before. I'm sure people won't have been glued to TVs like this even during the world cup matches where India had played. What happened over the past 3 days is indeed something new that have shaken all of us. It's not that terrorist attacks haven't happened in India in the past. It's not that people haven't heard of more gory things happening to hapless innocent people. But somewhere, I don't know where, this recent incident has aroused something unprecedented. It has waken up a country that is used to be in deep slumber. Our neatly dressed Home Minister, Shivraj Patil is no different than an average Indian - always complacent, always asleep and always most bothered about his own self, his dress, his image, his security. We used to blame him always for his docile attitude and slumber when the city around him is burning. But if I think deeply, that's what most of us have been doing always for ever. We've been asleep in decades of slumber. The most striking thing that I've witnessed over the past three days is that we've finally waken up. But alas, our ministers are fast asleep even now in their safe havens.
When the entire nation has been glued to the TVs ever since the very first time the news of the Bombay Attacks started beaming in the news channels, it took almost 10 hours for the commandos to start their operations. It raises serious questions about the time our ministers take to wake up. Why should the commandos be posted somewhere from where it would take so long to reach a place like Bombay, which is the financial capital of India? Just think over it, what would have happened had the terrorists launched such an attack in some interior place in the Tamang district of Arunachal Pradesh? Why there shouldn't the commandos be posted across the country so that they should be able to reach any nook and corner of our country within 2-3 hours? Does it make any sense if you have to wait in ICU for 10 hours for your doctors to arrive from some other city and start the vital life saving operation? Are the lives of those dining at the restaurants in Oberoi and Taj, or staying in Nariman Bhavan, or those present in the CST terminus or the police officers who were killed not important? Why should we all, who also do our part of our job, not get the protection for our lives. Are we all less important than the Prime Minister and the President of our country? After all they all are selected by us to serve us, and wait a minute, not for free. They are getting their salaries the same way that we all get. They are also doing a job, might be in a much lesser dedicated way than we all do. So why the commandos, who are also created with my money and your money and every ones' money, be used only for the protection of only a few people, who anyway are just a bunch of inefficient and selfish parochial people with the least of sensitivities and moralities. I've lost my sympathy even for Manmohan Singh because indirectly is responsible for the killings of so many people in Bombay. It was he who had held up so many of the commandos in Delhi for his own safety? What do we lose if he dies in a terrorist attack? Is his life more valuable than the life of the police officers who were not sleeping at 10pm in the night but chasing the terrorists with meagre equipments because all the costly equipments have been reserved for the PM and the President? If a PM dies, he will be replaced by another similar or even more inefficient PM. But can we replace the able police officers with more able ones? Can we get the newly orphaned Jewsih kid, whose parents were killed in Nariman House, another set of parents? Can we get back the sole bread earner of the multiple poor Hindu and Mulsim families who were killed in the CST station? No we can't. Are these people less important citizens of India. Does our constitution give more right to life to the politicians? Then why all the security would be reserved for the people in Delhi? Why only now the PM is talking about setting up NSG Commandos in different parts of the country? Why didn't he think of the same long before? Why do we have to spend so much money for the politicians, who are the biggest of the thugs and criminals, in maintaining their lavish life styles and providing security to their useless lives?
Each and every person who had fought for their life are our warriors. There's no one even to provide them the right to live. I salute to all the lives laid in the past 3 days!! And I ask everyone to arise, awake and stop not till we ensure our own security.... There's no one to help us out. We have to do it ourselves....
Yes, enough is enough!!

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