Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Thing for a Father on Father's Day & World Music Day - 21st June, 2009

Today was Father's Day and also World Music Day. Many of us are parent and all of us love music. I won't find a more apt moment than today to share this piece of music.

All of us would perhaps like our kids to learn some music. The first time our kids perform at school, the first time they learn something to sing or play, the first time they win any music competition at school - all these are among the most memorable days for us. To capture these moments we take camcorders and cameras with us, upload the recordings in youtube for their grandparents to watch and we keep on telling everyone about them. I just wonder, how this father called Leopold would have felt when his 5-6 years old kid composed this piece of music.

Well, no points for guessing the kid - I haven't heard of any kind other than Mozart to compose at such young age.

I just came across the sound track and notation, recently in web, of this piece, accepted widely as Mozart's first composition. It's enumerated as K.1 and called 'Minuet for Harpsichord'. It was recovered from his elder sister's notebook. His sister Nannerl, then 10/11 years old wrote it down in her notebook when her little borther suddenly started playing something on piano which they were not taught by their father. Though very rarely this piece features in Mozart's best compositions, but for any music loving parent, there can't be a better composition than this one. It would be the dream for any father to have a prodigal child like who can compose such good music at an age of 6. Also there's something in this composition which any kid would like. My 6 years old kid Hrishav, who has just started learning western classical music in keyboards, has been listening to it every now and then ever since I've downloaded it. After all who else, than a kid himself, would know better what kids love?

Happy Father's Day to the fathers and Happy World Music Day to all.

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