Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tulsi and the Ayur Savvy Monkeys!!

On lighter note..... We thought it's good idea to have fresh tulsi leaves
and hence went to a nursery to buy tulsi plant. Many people like me have
become tulsi savvy now-a-days!! All bigger plants are sold and he showed
me tiny saplings - we bought two, quite small, barely 2-3 leaves per
sapling- the maali told that it would take at least 2 months we can pluck
leaves!! Last time we bought tulsi, the monkeys used to make the best use
of all the immunity - we never got a single leaf.... finally the monkey
uprooted the plant and took the full thing away.... looks like monkeys
have more faith in Ayurveda... anyway, let's see how long these two tulsi
saplings survive from the Ayur savvy monkeys!!

BTW, more than 150 people die daily in India out of normal flu.... which
we always have once a year and 1 out of million may become fatal and the
number 150 shows that ratio is indeed working..... and till now less than
100 have died in the past 2 months in swine flu - so the chance of dying
in a normal flu (probability less than one in million) is still much
higher than dying in swine flue - the chances are even more higher in
dying in road accident!! So relax.... just don't kiss sneezing babes (and
guys, in case you are gay).

BTW, read that the virus dies in 10 secs, once let out through a sneeze,
unless he/she gets a new home through someone else's mouth within one
metre. So in case you can't check your libido to get close to a sneezing
babe, just request her to let you know before she sneezes and keep your
face a metre away, at least for 10 secs!! That's not a bad thing, right!!

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