Thursday, January 7, 2010

What are the top issues that we'd like our government to work on?

It's again a new year and it's time to make resolutions which we'll seldom keep. Actually new year resolutions have become a farce. The news papers publish silly resolutions - like 'I want to reduce 10 kilo of weight this year' - made by celebrities. No one actually cares for whether some bimbette reduces her weight or adds up some flesh in her breasts, but still the tabloids will have long stories about that. It's not that I dislike reading those stuff. At the end of the day if Mallika Sherawat's breasts become bigger in coming years I really have no reason to feel bad about.

Anyway, coming to the point. This year I thought instead of we making resolutions (that we anyway will not keep), let me find out what our government should resolve to achieve in this year and also in this decade. In any case I don't expect them to keep up to their promises, but at least I feel good that it's not only me, but my government also doesn't keep new year resolutions!!

What are the biggest issues that will present the most challenges and opportunities for India?
  • Control over Food prices
  • Better Infrastructure
  • Better Legal System - Middle class people really want good justice and our legal system really needs serious reforms.
  • Check on corruption

Which ideas/issues would resonate most with the youth in this decade -- those issues which will fire them up to actively work towards their own and India's development?
  • Drive for education and 100% literacy
  • Drive for making governments corruption free
  • Drive for better infrastructure every where
  • Drive for rural employment and reduction in BPL people

Which matters should we focus on in the next 10 years? These should b achievable and must be important for India's development.
  • All the above 4 points in the previous bullet

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