Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nuclear Liability Bill: What should it be

The Nuclear Liability Bill would be presented in the Parliament soon. Though such bills don't occupy front pages in papers, still they are very important to our country, specially when we're aggressively looking forward to nuclear energy as one of the main alternative energy sources in future.

The entry of many foreign companies in nuclear business is expected soon. So it's very essential to have a liability bill in case any unprecedented event or accident happens. Rediff had a detailed report on this. It's worth reading this report as it points out that our government seems to be in a haste to pass a very lenient bill. But at the same time looks like similar international laws (for example 1997 Vienna Convention) the are also in favor of the companies rather than the victims.

Perhaps that's what is the practice in a capitalistic market. But India being a motley of socialism, capitalism, communism such a bill is ought to evoke mixed reaction!!


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