Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Politics Their Politics

NEW YORK A Polish woman has decided to leave no stone unturned in grabbing a Warsaw council seat. Sara May, aka
Katarzyna Szczolek, has used sexy photos of her in a bikini for the ad that she hopes will earn her a district council seat in her hometown of Warsaw. "I am honest, consistent, ambitious, hardworking and independent," The New York Daily News quoted May as saying on her Polish-language website, www.saramay.pl. "I want to change the world and help people solve problems," she added. ANI

Anti-atom activist offers sex-for-nuke veto

Berlin: A star German television presenter and anti-atom activist has offered to spend the night with President Christian Wulff if he blocks a controversial legislation to extend the life span of Germany's 17 nuclear reactors.
Thirty-two-year-old Charlotte Roche, who has won some of Germany's top journalism awards, said she is prepared to have sex with President Christian Wulff if he blocks the controversial legislation of the centre-right government.

These are the two news that attracted my attention today. It's long since I've written something on my blog - I've been busy with some personal stuff for quite some time and I haven't even got any time to read books. Anyway, coming to the news - the first thing that came to my mind is whether such news would have appeared in India.

Indian politics is flooded with corruptions. At present three of the biggest corruptions of all time, expectedly all in Congress governments - the CWG scam, the 2G spectrum scam and the Bombay Adarsh scam - are hogging the limelight in media and elsewhere. There have been major corruptions always with almost all parties. But strangely there hasn't been a single scandal like that of Bill Clinton's famous Monica-job or Sarkozy-Bruni's backyard sexed relations or Berlusconi's never ending sexcapades. Does that mean the Indian politics with an overdose of Gandhi's celibacy is actually more celibate, or Indian politicians are actually impotent?

Just imagine Barkha Dutt offering to go to bed with Manmohan Singh if he sacks all the corrupt ministers or some hot young girl (that's like an impossible idea in Indian politics) publishing her snaps in bikini as election propaganda. I don't want to debate whether these are right or wrong, but one point that came to my mind is that people who have the guts to go to bed with so many girls or get a blowjob from an office intern, no doubt, have something in them that can move things. Bill Clinton has been one of the best US presidents in the recent past and I don't know much about how good or bad the French and Italian hunks are, but at least I'd prefer them than our senile old Kalmadis. If not anything else, at least I get some spicy news everyday - my premier sleeping with every other girl in Delhi is much better than someone managing to put up a CWG under his noose. When Gandhi talks about celibacy no one questions because he is not corrupt - and he means what he says. But celibacy of Indian politicians? C'mon, as I've told, I'd prefer them having sex - then at least I know that they can do something constructive or something that needs vitality. If someone has sex scandals I know for sure that he has some energy which he/she can spend in something else - but seeing our scandal ridden senile politicians I have doubt if they are even capable of having sex.

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