Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Impotents are sympathetic to rapists - India Gate is the next Tiananmen Square

I'm no psychologist, so I may not be the right person to do a psycho analysis of the present government at the helms of our country. But somewhere I have a feeling that impotent people are likely to be sympathetic to rapists. It's like feeling a camaraderie with people who can do something which the impotents can just aspire to do, but can't do in reality.

There's no doubt that our government is impotent. They are senile (so many people at an age when even standing erect is a problem), have no balls (no pun intended), are indecisive (only one crazy person takes all the wrong decisions), are the most fearful (they fear anyone who is strong, they fear the the media, even the students), and finally they sympathize with the rapists (who rape not only women, but also anything possible, starting from the country to the culture).

My hypothesis finally became a law with the government's handling of the situation that erupted after a brutal gang rape in Delhi - one of the many incidents that have almost become a norm in Delhi. The Home Minister relegated the protesters to Maoists, claiming he doesn't need to meet them. He is angry how dare the protesters don't cower down even after he had met Madam in the midnight. As if the biggest thing the government can ever do is meet Madam at the stroke of the midnight.... when the world sleeps and.... (well, the rest is history).

Till now we've been always ahead of China in at least one account - right to protest. Whatever happened to our GDP growth or infrastructure, we were always proud that India would never give rise to Tiananmen Square, come what. But that pride too is shattered now when the police manhandled students at the India Gate protesting against a recent brutal gang rape in Delhi. And the most disgusting thing is the total political apathy towards such incidents. When the entire political class is impotent, useless, shameless, actionless, what do the people do? Can't they even go and meet the President of the country and express their anguish. Why will they have to go in groups of two and three. Why can't they all clog the roads and meet their elected people, when the later do the same to meet them just before the elections?

Now you speak about the protests turning violent? Come on, how long can people tolerate things without raising their voices? Why corner people so much that they have no other option than to become violent. That's too a psychological phenomenon. Finally it's the survival for the fittest, and when the very survival becomes a matter of concern, what will any other living organism do? They won't think logically, about the ethics or right or wrong. But who's responsible for cornering them in this manner? It's even more shameless to talk about the violence when they are left with no other option.

Still, there's time. The government can still instill hopes if they take some real steps. They can always make the police accountable for any such incident. For every rape that happens and convicts not punished within a stipulated time, there has to be someone whose head should roll. When such cases cross a threshold the supreme cop should be suspended. There's a reason why the CEOs of Apple or Yahoo or Google function so well - because unless they do they lose their job. Even Jobs lost his job in Apple. That's the only way people can work better. That should be applicable not only for the cops, but for all government officials.

Christmas is the time of love and happiness. Let's hope for a better world, better police, better government on this day. Let there be love, let there be peace and happiness.

Love you all!!

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