Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Enuff of Talking: Time for some 'Real' Actions

by Sudhir Gandotra,

Dear Fellow Indian Citizen,

The terror act in Mumbai (& the earlier bomb blasts across India) have exposed the world of Violence and its relation to the world of Corruption.
After the Mumbai incident, lakhs of people, from all walks of life have shown their anger with the way things are.
They have shown their opposition to Violence;
They have shown their deep and clear interest in Non-violence as the only way out;
They have demanded Peace through Nonviolence;

People are very clear that Terrorism arises due to Corruption and Violence in the system.

Violence has many expressions.

External violence manifests as :
Physical Violence (Mumbai like incidents, physical violation of a victim, war, killings etc.);

Economic Violence (Poverty, Unemployment, Exploitation etc.)

Religious Violence (when people are divided and discriminated as per their religious beliefs and incited to fight and kill each other)

Racial Violence ((when people are divided and discriminated as per their caste/race and incited to fight and kill each other)

Gender Violence (Violence and discrimination against women)

Psychological Violence (spreading fear, negative values and controlling people through that)

Moral Violence (Those who do nothing against the violence become an accomplice)

Internal Violence manifests as :Our fears, hatred, frustrations, insecurity, enmity, resentments, etc. negative feelings.

A person having Internal Violence is likely to committ external violence;
External violence causes Internal violence in the victim.

Internal & External violence are connected with each other. Both need to be overcome simultaneously and as a process that keeps going on over a period of time.

The time has come for the common citizens to say "Enough is Enough" and take charge of the society.
Criminalisation of the Politics by Corrupt people has vitiated the atmosphere and the result is ever-increasing violence for common people. There is no safety-security of life. there is no education, no jobs, no health, no transportation,not even toilet facility for more than 80% of the population, Inspite of so much talk of so much work being done for last 60 years.

Humanists believe that Human being has stopped evolving as Human. Most of the people are after money either as their ever-increasing-hunger or to secure the next meal which is not certain in today's conditions for most people.

Free Education for all, that is the aim of our Constitution is not met;
Jobs for all is not possible today;
Free Health facilities for all are not on the horizon;
Housing for all is not even a distant dream.

What is going on ? Where is the India that was dreamt by Gandhi, Bose, Bhagat and thousands of others who laid their lives for the positive future of Millions of Indiana ? What are we ding for it ? What do we need to do about it ?

Its time, we pause, think and take the next step.

Humanists believe that if Honest, common citizens come to power, things can change. If Politics can be raised to the level of the best social work, things can change.
For this, the Humanists have taken the mission to cleanse politics and provide a Government consisting of ordinary citizens who are honest, who are not criminals, who are not industrialists' controlled persons, who are not belonging to any particular family, religion or caste, but people who are just plain simple Indians and Human beings.
The Humanist Party of India, formed in 1984 by such Humanists has been working at grass-roots, organising and clarifying people on the Humanist possibilities of India is now organising itself to field candidates across India and invites common people to come together and work to manage the country by themselves.

Humanists believe that we can have the following aims (some of the points of Humanist Manifesto) met within a period of 5 years, by diverting less than 15% of the armament budget :

1. Free and Uniform Education for all, atleast upto Class XII;

2. Free Health facility for all through AIIMS like hospitals built in every district, linked to a functioning primary health centre everywhere;

3. Housing for all;

4. Job for all and a reasonable unemployment pay to those who cannot be given jobs immediately;

5. Profit to all Farmers on their produce and Comprehensive Crop-insurance;

6. Transportation and Communication to be given to 100% of population with comfort and on affordable rates on no-profit basis by the Government.

7. Upper age-limit for all Elected Political posts (President, Prime Minister, Minister, Chief Minister, etc.) to be maximum 70 years.

8. No one can occupy an elected political post (President, Prime Minister, Minister, Chief Minister, etc.) more than twice.

9. Referendum by people on every major policy before a final decision can be taken.

10. Every Elected member will be re-confirmed by the voters every 6 months.

11. Voters will have right to recall their elected representative at any time.
(Technology to conduct such quick votes exists at very cheap rates today and will be used for this purpose, thus bringing in Direct & Real Democracy in practice.)

12. Unbiased discussion with all arms-using group and separatists tendencies to ensure that all citizens of India will get dignified life immediately, thus bringing them all to mainstream of life and socio-political activity.

13. Respect for all cultures and religions without making them the point of differences and discrimination.

14. Comprehensive Peace agreements with all neighbouring countries and proportionate disarmament of conventional as well as nuclear arms with a time-frame target.

This way, we are building the Humanist Manifesto for the country with wide consultation of people. Such a manifesto, becoming the basis of next Government will end the menace of Cast-religion differences, highlighted further by reservations. Reservations will become null & void if education, health and jobs are secured for all, ensuring quality of life and giving them equal opportunities of growth.

The most important thing is for common-honest citizens to come forward to run and manage their own country, treating it as their own family affair, giving it the utmost priority.

It is time we take the next step.

We invite you to begin a new life, not just for yourself but also for the whole nation.
Take the pledge for Nonviolence and begin contributing in the noble task of nation-building as an active participant of the mission.

Let's get in touch and begin working together.

Visit our website and you will see the next steps to be taken, starting with the pledge and then after 21 Dec and you can choose the action that you wish to participate in.

We look forward to working together for our country, our world and build the new Universal Human Nation for all.

Humanist principal of giving the highest value to Human being is expressed as :
"Nothing above the Human Being, No Human below another"

Our contact information :

website :


Please bring the following text of the pledge with you :

Bapu, Today, on 21 Dec 2008, I pledge to begin recognising violence within me and around me.
I pledge to begin working to overcome this violence from within me and helping others to do the same, thereby reducing and finally overcoming violence form society.
I assure you my sincere efforts to work to build the India of your dreams, the India of my dreams, the Nonviolent India that will become the beacon for the world, to build the new Universal Human Nation.

Please forward this mail to others. Let's spread the word.

With best wishes for a wonderful India for all of us!

Sudhir Gandotra

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