Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's the main cause of all terrorism or aggression??

By Mukesh

As I lean more and more towards atheism, I can not understand the hoop la around religion (opium of the masses as described by Karl Marx, but than the party bosses are gods here !). 

Are we so dumb that we really believe that if we cow down or eliminate a certain community all our problems will be solved ? Look at Pakistan which is self destructing between all the tribes (with diversions in India to hit at the Indian economy and detract attention from their problems !), ditto in Afganisthan and in Iraq the Shias/Sunnis and the Kurds are competing between killing the Yankees and themselves !

Closer  home we have outsiders being chased out of Mumbai etc etc. The list goes on. Among a long list, it is  Lingayats vs Vokkaligas in Karnataka (throw in the back ward classes too), Reddys vs kammas in Andhra, Thevars vs god knows who in TN and RSS vs communists in parts of Kerala (to throw in a political twist !) . Have  not lived up north, but from what I read it is the same there. And I am from a community where a brother allegedly (my lawyer part of precaution !)  shot dead a brother over a dispute of few feet of land when they had hundreds of  acres each ! (At least the Ambani brothers limit themselves to filing suits of 10,000 crore rupees J).

Historically, if we see, most of the Indian Muslims would have a hindu lineage (considering the large populaces that were converted by force during the numerous invasions/rules India endured). But some of them tend to be more muslim than ethnic (?) muslims ! why is this so ?

The point is this is all about power and wealth (it is all about the money, honey !).  When someone in any religion wants power and he cannot get it, he will form a separate sect to become da  boss (if he is powerful enough to get enough followers) !  and the religious leaders in turn associate themselves with political leaders (as a certain swami of a mutt in Karnataka who allegedly utilized the funds parked with the mutt by a certain politician !!). Ditto and vice versa with political parties.

And as resources get scarcer we will become a more divisive society (there are already predictions that the next war will be fought over water). Reminds me about the story of Akbar/ Birbal (or was it Tenali Ramakrishna ?), where Birbal tests the love of a mother monkey by putting the monkey and it is baby in a tank of water and starts filling the tank. The mother monkey protects the baby as much as possible but when things get really bad and she realizes that only one of them will get out of the situation alive,  she abandons the baby to save herself !

So it all boils down to ‘roti, kapada, makaan’ moving on to  ‘bijli, sadak, paani’ and…. Oil if  you were US and Saddam Hussain started collecting Euros for his oil instead of the US$ ! (and the real WMDs were ticking away within US itself in the form of bad housing and credit card loans) and we will continue to camouflage it under caste, creed and religion as suitable.

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