Monday, April 16, 2018

The myth of Hindu Terror and Hindu Terrorism

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Worldwide, an aura of Hinduphobia has been created, very cautiously, of course with an agenda. It’s as though, to counter the Islamic jihad, it was necessary to cook up something called Hindu fanaticism, or Hindu terror, just for the sake of secularism. The academia and media have been extra critical about the Hindus. They have the guts to say anything about India and Hinduism. There is a very powerful, sustained and unrelenting cultural and intellectual attack on Hinduism. Writers such as Wendy Doniger liken the ancient Hindus to the cowboys who had destroyed the Native Americans, and even to the Nazis who had persecuted the Jews in the Second World War. Hindus are being called prudes, nasty, militants and fundamentals, but the Muslims are always shown as the victims. The secularists have always maintained that the ISIS is the outcome of the US aggression in Iraq. The Western media has even relegated the 26/11 Bombay massacre by Pakistani militants to a mere reaction to things like India’s policy on Kashmir, the rise in Hindu extremism and the appalling state of poverty among the Muslims in India.

I would really like to hear from the liberals and the secular what they think about today's acquittal of the five innocent Hindus accused in the Mecca Masjid bomb blast case, no doubt falsely. Isn’t this the worst form of communalism? Just to satisfy its own whims and fulfill the worst form of communal zeal, a political party stooped down to a level where they wanted to paint the majority religious community of India as terrorist. The term Hindu terrorism was invented as a sort of consolation and counter narrative to the spate of terrorism perpetrated by the likes of Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaida, and Pakistan. A particular community was not comfortable with these things and so to appease them a very novel idea was invented, and no one bothered if that meant demeaning the oldest way of life in the world.

Really sorry state of affairs.

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