Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Message of The Aryabhata Clan

I love history a lot. I felt something in Indian context, Indian perspective might be tried. It [The Aryabhata Clan] deals with lot of contemporary Indian politics, and also contemporary world politics. I don’t have any moral message for this book because this is a fiction. I’m not a philosopher or a Guru, to talk about spirituality, but [the] message which comes out in the book is that terrorism in any form is very dangerous, and [that] terrorism can come out even from very small things. It’s [all about] how some misguided people want to create havoc in the society, by manipulating people’s mind, by manipulating people’s thoughts [and] emotions. At the end of the day, like any [other] story, where you have the good and the bad, and [the] good wins against the bad, at the end of the day, here also the same thing happens. It’s also the thought process that all this terrorism, all this fundamentalism – [all] this cannot win against the normal human sentiments. Here also, at some point of time, it’s a fiction, and at the end of the fiction, the bad guy has to be beaten very badly. So here also, the same thing happens – I make sure that the god buy beats the bad guy.

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