Friday, April 3, 2009

Adi vs. Mannu

Now-a-days the hottest thing in the media is the fight between Adi and Mannu. Ironically both are different forms of the coolest dude on earth - the naughty-witty-mushy-mushy greatest manager and politician of all times - our very own Lord Krishna. Adi, Lal Krishna Advani, and Munna Manmohan are the most talked about personalities as they are the two prime ministerial candidates of the largest democracy of the world. Very interestingly an apparently calm and quiet Dr. Manmohan Singh has become quite aggressive in his attacks against Advani and the later has been quite consistent in his attacks against the 'weakest prime minister' of our country. Though Advani has offered to have an open televised debate between the two prime ministerial candidates I doubt whether something like that would really happen because many skeletons would come stumbling out of the cupboards of both.

Many professionals prefer Dr Manmohan Singh because of his astounding academic records and stellar performance in 90s to usher the age of economic independence for India under P V Naraimha Rao's regime. But the question is whether that Mannu of 90s is the same Mannu that we saw in the past 5 years. The Mannu of 90s was an independent person. He didn't have to depend on anyone to decide on any issue. The Congress lead a minority government for the entire stretch of 5 years and the Congress president was also not as strong as now. Perhaps that gave Mannu enough scope to bask in his own glory. Irrespective of whether Mannu becomes the next PM or not, he will always be remembered as the finance minister who dragged a wretched country from obscurity into the F1 track of economic success. But, can we say the same of the same Mannu as the PM of the same country after 10 years? I don't think so. I really doubt whether the stupid populist reforms and policies that UPA came up with had Mannu's consent. Not at a single point of time did we see the independence in him that we saw in the past. His team has Montek Singh and Sam Pitroda - another person who ushered the era of telecom in India. This trio could have been the killer trident of Indian history had they been allowed to operate freely without the interference of dumb and selfish people who care a damn for the country and also knows not even an iota about economics. The present Mannu reminds me of Vishma Pitamaha of Mahabharata, who in spite being so powerful was so helpless in front of the Kauravas!! Irrespective of all the great things about Vishma, at the end he was just a senile and docile person, witness to the orgy of the people he is associated with..... Do we really need a Vishma Pitamaha to run our country?

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