Sunday, April 26, 2009

Over to Uttarakhand: Gorson's Meadows

Dunagiri Peak - from Gorson's Meadows

The fascinating curves and surroundings of Gorson's Meadows

Chaukhamba cluster of peaks: as seen from Gorson's Meadows

Chaukhamba & Neelkanth Peaks: as seen from Gorson's Meadows

Gauri & Hathi Parbat Peaks: as seen from Gorson's Meadows

People know of the Valley of Flowers, but the Gorson's Meadows, quite nearby seems to be a closely guarded secret. Even during the 3km trek from Clifftop Resort in Auli to Gorson's Meadows through a forest we had no idea about what was there in store for us just a few moments ahead. From the resort till the tower number 9 of the Joshimath-Auli Cable Car (supposed to be highest and 2nd largest in Asia) it's a gentle walk alongside the construction work for an artificial skiing slope. Just beyond the tower 9, the endpoint of the cable car, starts  the jungle and also a not-so-gentle ascent, which may not be comfortable for kids who can ride on horses. A few minutes of trek through the forest leads to a temple of a pagan forest goddess. All along the the trek through the jungle various peaks like Gauri Parbat, Hathi Parbat and Dunagiri are visible from various angles from behind the trees. Very soon after crossing the temple the jungle ends abruptly you are suddenly standing in front of a vast expanse of an undulating terrain of gentle slopes and curves covered naturally with green grass and surrounded by snow capped peaks in two sides and the thin jungle in the other two. That's the Gorson's Meadows. The appearance of the Meadows is so sudden that you are bound to be stuck with an awe for sometime. The entire landscape just contains three colors - green of the grass, white of the snow and blue of the sky - the combination of which creates a fascinating and soothing effect. The gentle but biting-at-times breeze touches you from time to time. Intermittently there is some snow on the meadow. A little trek upwards leads you to more areas covered with snow even in April. The entire stretch of land looks like a natural golf course decked with snow at two sides. The most fascinating part of the meadows is the superb view of the Dunagiri peak. The place is perfect for a leisurely stroll as long as you wish. The serenity and the peace all around fill your heart with a sense of spirituality. You feel like languishing around for ever and get lost. Our guide told us that the entire meadow is covered with natural flowers around July.

Gorson's Meadows is the starting point for the trek through Kunwara Pass.

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Shubhi Malik said...

I have been to Gorson and I think this is one of the most beautiful place HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.