Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Re-opening the uncanny can of worms

I'm sure many ardent supporters of BJP feel uncomfortable when ever the issue of the post Godhara Gujarat riots and the alleged role of Modi and his government come up. Congress and all other self-claimed secular parties always wait for an opportunity to open the can of worms where ever and when ever possible in an attempt to suppress their innumerable social injustices, as if, "I'm better if you're also no good".

No doubt the incidents in February 2002 are dark spots in the annals of the history of India, which has the rare achievement of being the only nation in the world to uphold the tradition and culture of all-inclusiveness and tolerance uninterruptedly for the longest period in human history. I don't think, irrespective of anything, any civilized and cultured person would accept any sort of act of violence against humanity. Any violence against humanity is an act of terrorism and condemnable. There shouldn't be any partiality in choosing whom to condemn or not based on any social and religious affiliation. The condemnation should come from within and should be selfless. The condemnation shouldn't be a shrewd act with something else in mind. The condemnation should come from the genuine anger against the perpetrators of the act and sympathy for the victims. Also the condemnation shouldn't be associated with any hypocrisy.

Every time Congress or any other self claimed secular party condemns the acts of violence in Gujarat I really feel more angry for those parties than I feel against the actual perpetrators of the violence. The entire act of condemnation stinks of selfishness and rot of politics. India is a free country and anyone any where can go to any place. If these people, who always try to point fingers to Modi and his government for their alleged role, are really feeling bad for the victims of the violence from the core of their heart they would have done something by this time to rehabilitate them or do something that could have made their lives better. On the contrary they have alluded with some NGOs and so called messiahs of social justice and indulged in cooking up horrid stories of atrocities and gathering fake evidences. The main aim of Congress was to get Modi into the same controversy that they had been into since their alleged role in anti Sikh violence in the past - as if, if Modi is tainted like me, then I'm also no bad!!

Alleged cases of social injustice against Congress (or for that matter of fact any other party in India) are not just limited to communal riots. The social injustice meted to the victims of the Bhopal Gas tragedy, the victims of violence in Nandigram and Singur, the victims of indiscriminate caste killings and hooliganism by RJD, SP, BSP in the Hindi belt - just to name a few are no less than the thousands killed in communal riots before and after 1984 & 2002. The fact that Karunanidhi sees a friend in Prabhakaran, whose people were involved in killing not only Rajiv Gandhi but also many more 'Aam Aadmi' in the same suicide bomb attack is also a heinous act of social injustice meted to all who were killed. Priyanka Gandhi can forgive a lady terrorist involved in facilitating the suicide attack because she gains a lot out of this benevolence politically. But can the families of the other 'Aam Aadmi' who were killed in the same attack forgive the lady? No. Never. The same way the victims of the 1984 & 2002 riots can't forgive the people involved. Are the people killed by LTTE different from people killed in 1984 & 2002?

As I'd pointed out in some previous articles also, no party in India can be given even the pass marks when it comes to social justice. All these acts of social injustice and the people involved in them should be brought under books. This is not the responsibility of any political party, but that of the entire nation. Had Congress or CPM or SP or BSP or DMK had crystal clear credibility in providing social justice then I don't mind them shouting against Modi or anyone else for their alleged involvement in any acts of terrorism or violence or any form of social injustice. But when they themselves are not clean, they have no right to open the can just for the sake of some political mileage. 

Having said this, I don't want to say that I'm sympathetic to Modi just because I consider myself a "Friend of BJP". Jagdish Tytler was in Rajiv Gandhi's cabinet just after the 84 anti Sikh riots. It took Congress almost 25 years to take any action against him, and that also in the form of not allowing him to contest an election. So why do they want Modi to resign? If finally Modi is convicted by the SC I'm sure BJP would also take a similar step that Congress has taken. But I believe BJP won't allow the Gujarat episode to drag for 25 years.

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