Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All for 'Dhan'

Finally the cat is out. Well, it's not that we never knew it. We knew it so well for ever but still we never accepted it in public. This is surely one of the heights of hypocrisy, not only in India but also in the Western countries. Indians should have been the last people to not accept this. After all we're among the first ones to appreciate it. Not only we appreciated it, but also considered it so divine that we put it up so nicely even in our temples. You take it out of the Classical Indian literature, mainly Sanskrit, and you one of the best 'alankars' or ornamentations off it. It's one of the best assets or 'dhan' that any man can think of. No doubt in a recent Hindi movie a character referred it to as 'dhan'!!

Enough of suspense. Let' come to the point. This is what came in Times of India last week:

It may appear vulgar, but a new survey has revealed that a man looks at a woman’s assets in his first glance, rather than her face.

In the survey, half of the male respondents confessed that they look at a woman’s assets even before they look at her face. And, four in 10 men have admitted they look at women’s assets at least 10 times a day.
Men from Newcastle are
the most likely to sneak a peek at a girl’s cleavage before looking them in the eye, the poll of 1,000 adults has revealed.
What’s more interesting is that the survey has found that many women have even admitted to checking out other girls’ assets up to seven times a day, the Daily Express newspaper reported. Nine in 10 women look at their rivals’ assets, with almost half admit
ting to having “breast envy” towards friends or work colleagues, the survey has found.
More than half of British women are also unhappy with their breasts with 63% wanting bigger breasts, while almost half of men think their partner’s assets are beautiful and wouldn’t want them to change them in any way, according to the survey for cosmetic surgery firm ‘Transform’. PTI

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