Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Name is Khan & I'm Not a Terrorist

Finally Karan Johar has also grown up. That's the first reaction I'd after watching MNIK - My Name Is Khan. It was very tough to accept the fact that the movie was made by the same Karan Johar, who specializes in creating the most unrealistic of scenarios with the most weird settings around. Remember the story where Rahul could marry both the girls, he loved, in series, one after another when the first one died? Wow, what a great idea. No question of divorce or alimony. The first wife dies and enters the other love!! And what about the story of 'loving your parents' where the same Rahul, a little grown up now, has to leave his step father (with a baritone voice and a Himalaya of ego) because his love interest is not accepted at home - but then again sheds a Ganga of tears on Himalaya's shoulder at the end? And not to forget the songs where 1000 girls would be dancing around frantically practically to each and every occasion!! Compared to that MNIK is just such an awesome experience. It's no doubt one of the best films made in Hindi ever.

Many films were made on the topic of division of the world in the aftermath of 9/11 and the plights of the Muslims. But very few movies touched such a sensitive chord in such a simple way. Despite some of the little absurd turn of events, still the main theme was portrayed so well just through one sentence - My Name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist. Very few films can stand on just one line. You speak that line and you tell a story. That's like telling an epic in just a moment's silence, that's like that silent stare that sparks a zillion love and that quiet romantic evening where you talk a life's talk. And so endearing was San Francisco, a city that I love so much. SFO may not be one of the MUST SEE destinations for international tourists - people go more to New York or Las Vegas or Los Angeles - but still SFO has its own charm. It's truly a city that you fall in love with when only you see it from a close distance. MNIK caresses SFO so nicely!!

I hope Karan doesn't go back to Rahul and stays with his Khan!!

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