Friday, February 26, 2010

Autos on call

Courtesy Priyank Shukla

Now the residents of Bangalore can have some respite from 'hunting' for auto rickshaws, thanks to Easy Auto, a scheme endorsed by the city police and RTOs.

Just call 9844112233 any time you want an auto to commute and we will send it to your doorstep. Our auto rickshaws have GPS devices installed in them, and we track our vehicles using highly sophisticated servers that track the satellite data from the GPS devices that is updated every 3 minutes. Our autos are safe, our drivers are always polite and at your service

In Easy Auto the meter charges are as approved by Government, which is a minimum of Rs.14.00 and Rs.7.00 for every additional kilometer. Though Government has approved a service fee of Rs.3.00 for availing this service, it is not being charged right now

Please note that our autos will start the metering to you only at the point of boarding if the vehicle is within 0.5 km running of your point of boarding. But if the auto is beyond this, [our fencing for GPS is 5 km radius], then the agent will ask your consent before connecting this vehicle to you, and metering will start from the current location of the driver and not the point of boarding.

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